Finding the Right High-Mounted Headlamps for Your Truck

24 February 2021
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High-mounted headlamps play a crucial role in enhancing your visibility when driving. However, finding the perfect headlamps for your truck is not always easy. With many choices to pick from, you can easily be overwhelmed with what to choose. Generally, headlamps are designed for a range of driving conditions, legal requirements, driver preferences and more. Therefore, it's essential to think about some of these things when shopping around for your truck's headlamp. Here is a quick guide on some of the critical components you should have in mind when choosing headlamps for your truck.

Auto Levelling Ability

One of the critical components when choosing headlamps for your truck is the auto levelling ability. Your high-mounted headlamps must not blind other drivers on the road, and auto levelling ability allows for this. It refers to your headlamps' ability to adjust themselves when the truck becomes lower or higher under different driving circumstances, such as when going up and down an incline. Some auto levelling headlamps will also adjust accordingly depending on your speed. Therefore, remember to ask whether the headlamps you are buying have an auto levelling ability.

Brightness and Colour Temperature

Brighter headlamps will undoubtedly increase your visibility on the road and can help you spot signage better. However, you must be mindful of other road users because extremely bright headlamps can affect their visibility. Keep in mind that many areas have regulations regarding brightness levels, so make sure you look up such restrictions before investing in the headlamps. One primary concern about brighter headlamps is that the bulbs' filaments (depending on the type of bulbs your headlamps have) have to burn at higher temperatures or the headlamps have to work harder to produce the bright light. Consequently, this tends to reduce their lifespan.

On the other hand, colour temperature will determine your headlamps' whiteness level. Headlamps with low range colour temperatures usually have a yellowish tint and are perfect for improved visibility in foggy or rainy conditions. High range colour temperatures have high intensity, making them ideal for spotting signages better.

Bulb Type

Halogen, HIDs and LEDs are the three standard headlamp bulb types you will find. Halogen bulbs are usually the least expensive, and they feature a tungsten filament with a gas encased in the glass tubing. While the bulb is also easy to replace, it has low energy efficiency than its counterparts and tends to be dimmer. High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs are a better and brighter alternative to halogen bulbs. They don't use a filament and are longer lasting with low operating temperatures. Despite being pricier than both halogen and HID bulbs, LEDs run cooler, last longer and are more energy-efficient and brighter.

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