3 Reasons to Install Surface-Mounted 4-Post Wheel Aligner Lifts

10 August 2021
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If you want to buy a 4-post lift to work on your car, then you need to choose between a model that needs underground support or one that sits on the surface of your garage or shop floor. Before you make a decision, take a look at some of the benefits of using a surface-mounted product.

1. Quick Installation

Some car lifts need to be installed into the ground. You usually have to drill down to make holes for the lift's legs, which you then have to concrete in place.

This isn't a quick install. You have to prepare the ground, put the lift in place and then secure it. If you use concrete, then you have to wait for it to completely set before you can use the lift.

Surface mount lifts are much easier to set up. Many models don't need to be anchored at all. They can stand on a floor without extra supports as long as the surface below them is level and thick enough to bear their weight.

In some cases, you might want or need to anchor the posts to the floor to give the lift added stability. This won't add much time to the installation. You simply need to drill and screw anchor bolts into the floor at each leg.

2. No Ground Damage

If you fix a car lift into the floor, then you have no choice but to damage the surface. If you remove the lift later, then you'll have to fix the damage.

Plus, you might cause some problems under the surface as you use the lift over time. For example, if hydraulic fluids drip or leak down the lift's legs, then they could seep under the floor. These fluids can contaminate water and soil.

If you install a lift on the surface, then you won't cause any damage. Even if you have to anchor the legs, you won't create more than a few holes, which will be easy to fill if you take the lift out later.

3. Portability

If you concrete a lift into the ground, then you can't move it easily. If you want to change its position in your garage or shop, or if you move and want to take it with you, then you have to dig it up. As well as fixing the damage, you'll also have to prepare the new site to take the lift.

Surface-mounted lifts that don't need anchor supports are more portable. With a bit of manpower, you can lift them, carry them and then drop them in place.

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