Buying Guide for Off-Road Tyres and Wheels

15 October 2020
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Utility vehicles are a great addition to anyone's vehicle collection. It helps to have a vehicle that can take you to remote areas and cruise through tough terrains. Making the most of your 4x4 vehicle requires the perfect combination of wheels and tyres. The set-up should be robust enough to take on an off-road terrain while still capable of handling well on tarmacked roads. They should also leave you comfortable by reducing cabin noise when you are speeding down the highway. If you need to make a few upgrades to your utility vehicle, here is a guide that will help you make the right decisions.

Alloy versus Steel Wheels

There is a thin line between steel and alloy wheels, one that requires careful consideration of the characteristics of both wheels. The visual impressions of both materials are obvious, but it helps to know the consequences of choosing either of them. Steel wheels are heavier than alloy, but they lack the visual appeal you get when you go for alloys. Secondly, they are easy to repair and a more logical choice if your vehicle will be encountering tough terrains regularly. On the other hand, alloy wheels are pack lesser weight and help you achieve better fuel economy. The vehicle doesn't have to pull lots of weight on the wheels. Additionally, alloy wheels are hub-centric, which helps reduce the vibrations travelling through the wheels to the cabin. They deliver a better ride experience.

Pay More Attention When Buying Online

Buying wheels and tyres online gives you all the convenience you can think of in the world. However, these two items are perfect examples of things that require proper visual inspection before buying. If you are buying online, make sure you are doing so from a website of a local business. It also helps to go for known brands with good reviews and backed warranty terms. 

The Wheel Size Matters

You can get more value for your money for utility vehicles through a meticulous selection of the wheel size. Tyres that are wider are a good buy for an off-road vehicle. They allow you to maximise the available sidewall, which is suitable for absorbing shock and impact when driving off-road. Big sidewalls also protect your rims better by preventing contact with protruding rocks and other obstacles. It helps the rims last longer and reduces the chances of repairing them.

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