Why You Should Upgrade the Brake Wear Sensors on Your Heavy Truck

20 October 2020
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When you operate a heavy-duty commercial truck, you'll want to get as much value for money as possible from each shipment, run the vehicle as often as possible in a given day, and make sure that everything is handled safely and professionally. You will also want to introduce certain safeguards and have an early warning system in place so you know when to change crucial parts. Sometimes, component wear can be inconvenient or may lead to an unwanted breakdown, but at other times it can represent a safety issue. As you need to pay particular attention to the brakes on this heavy vehicle, what type of advance warning system should you introduce?

Much at Stake

The brake pads on your vehicle must be in fully functioning condition at all times due to the sheer weight and size of the truck involved. When the vehicle is heavily laden, these pads will endure considerable wear and tear as they try to decelerate, and they will inevitably wear down and lead to reduced performance.

Dynamic Sensors

You need to ensure that you have early warning sensors fitted across the vehicle and upgrade to a more efficient part if you only have the basic version right now. These sensors should be inserted within the calliper and, when you choose the upgraded version, can then provide you with feedback throughout the life of each individual pad.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous sensors will send messages back to the ECU as time goes by and, in the more sophisticated versions, will allow the computer to adjust the brake set up, to provide better performance and to reduce the pace of degradation. At the appropriate time, the ECU will send a message to a dashboard warning system, and this will indicate that the pads have exceeded their useful life and will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Unwanted Effects

Poorly performing brake pads can, of course, be a safety threat but they can also affect the overall efficiency of the vehicle. The engine may need to work harder to provide the right amount of energy if the pads are not working as they should, so the more information that you get, the quicker you can take action.

Upgrading Your System

Make sure that you have the latest brake wear sensors fitted to your truck so that you can optimise performance and keep everything as safe as possible.

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