Car Battery Essentials Broken Down for New Car Owners

12 November 2020
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The battery is one of the essential components of any car. Without it, you will not get the engine and other electrical components up and running. Naturally, car manufacturers strive to make the battery as maintenance-free as possible, only needing replacement at the end of its useful life. You can only enjoy this if your maintenance and usage habits allow the battery to live up to the manufacturer's expectations. That requires a thorough understanding of car battery essentials, detailing the relationship it has with your car and usage tendencies. Read on to learn everything you want to know.

The Parameters of Operation

The primary function of your car's battery is to supply electrical power when your engine is off. You need to operate the infotainment systems, lights and other accessories. These accessories include the starter motor, which uses current from the battery to ignite the engine. Moreover, the battery supplements your vehicle's charging system when the electrical load is too big.

The Type of Battery You Have

New car owners need to know the kind of battery they have to avoid making some common usage mistakes. Your car comes with a secondary cell battery with an acid mixture and metal plates. These two components interchange so that the battery can supply the voltage needed by the car. The supply of voltage causes a discharge, and the car's charging system applies a current in the opposite direction to keep the battery charged. Notably, secondary cell batteries are more user-friendly compared to primary cell batteries that do not allow recharging.

The Concept of Deep-Cycling

Reversing the flow of current to recharge your vehicle's battery is referred to as cycling. Your car's battery should always be at full charge in optimal conditions before you can start the car. The batteries are not designed to discharge completely before recharge, so the alternator replaces any lost charge immediately the engine starts running. Draining all the charge before initiating a recharge is called deep-cycling, and it sucks the life out of your vehicle's battery. You must avoid deep-cycling at all costs.

The Life Hacks You Need

Some of the things you can do to make the most of your vehicle's battery include the following:

  • Cleaning the terminals with a stiff wire brush to ensure proper contact on the battery terminals
  • Avoiding the use of electronics such as the stereo and air conditioning when the engine is off.
  • Testing your battery to ensure it always has the right voltage.

Contact a local auto battery supplier to learn more.